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We manufacture cast lead bullets including cast lead
handgun bullets, cast lead rifle bullets, cast  lead
roundballs, cast lead maxi balls for muzzleloader.
We offer optional  sizing diameters to customize
bullets from our pricelist to meet your needs.
At Moyer's Cast Bullets
, we take your shooting
needs seriously!
**This is not loaded ammo!!**
Quality bullets from Moyer's Cast Bullets are made from custom blended alloy to
achieve the right weight and hardness to please the choosy competition shooter and
target shooter. They're accurate! We make a wide variety of bullets for the
handloader and shooter including cast lead handgun bullets, gas-checked cast lead
rifle bullets and muzzleloader lead maxi balls and lead roundballs. All handgun bullets
and rifle bullets are lubed with red heat lube for smokeless powder. Muzzleloader   
lead maxi balls are not lubed, but can be lubed with BP lube for an additional fee (see
our pricelist page).  We welcome special orders for alternate lube or sizing.  

We at Moyer's Cast Bullets have been commercially casting since Fall 1988. We're the only
cast lead bullets manufacturer located in central Pennsylvania. We make a wide range of
gas checked and non-gas checked cast lead rifle bullets from 22 cal, 270 cal, 30 cal,
32/20 cal , 8 MM, 38/55 cal, 375 cal, 45/70 cal up to 50 caliber and more in between (some are
hard to find rifle bullets). We also produce a wide range of cast lead handgun bullets.
We make 45 cal, 38 cal for the cowboy action shooter and for the hunter or serious
competition target shooter or for those who just enjoy target shooting for fun! You'll be
on target!  We also have 9 MM, 38/40 cal, 40 cal,  41MAG, 44/40 cal,  a wide range
of 44 cal and 45 cal autos. We even make maxi balls and roundballs for muzzleloader.  
We offer optional sizing diameters so you can request custom sizing for your needs.

*** Wait time for handgun bullets is 1-2 weeks, rifle bullets: 3-4 weeks, and
muzzleloader: 4-5 weeks...depending on the quantity (larger quantities will
take longer). Thanks for hanging in there with us! Last year was a wild ride!
Hope everyone is getting the supplies they need to keep shooting! Thanks for
all your patience! ***

Check out our pricelist for reasonably priced cast lead handgun bullets, cast lead rifle bullets,
lead roundballs, lead maxi balls for all your handloading needs! Whether you're a handloader
who likes to hunt with cast bullets,or a competition shooter or target shooter who is looking for
accuracy in cast bullets. We've got what you need.

Call us or E-mail us today to place your order. If you're a choosy handloader who
wants to shoot quality cast lead bullets in handgun, rifle or muzzleloader,  you'll like ours.
Shoot Moyer's Cast Bullets today!

If you want to come in and pick-up an order, give us a call and we'll make sure to have
everything you need. Wait time on bullets is...
       Handgun bullets:
1-2 weeks
: 3-4 weeks
Muzzleloader: 4-5 weeks
       (depending on quatity ordered and how many different calibers are ordered)

***Flat Rate Shipping via USPS***Only $12.30***plus insurance, per box up to 70 lbs.
**LARGE FLAT RATE BOX**$16.80**plus insurance, FOR LARGE CALIBER

**NEW FROM THE POSTAL SERVICE** Regional Flat Rate boxes**
If you would like to order a SMALL QUANTITY of bullets. The Regional Rates cost less!**

Please call for availability. Most bullets are backlogged and must be ordered in advance.
We appreciate your patience.

**Please call to place an order using a credit card.
**If you want to pay by check or money order, please email or call with your zip code
and state of residence and we'll calculate total cost.

If you've never tried cast lead bullets before but want a cheaper load than jacketed      
bullets try Moyer's Cast Bullets.  We'll be happy to get you started with loading data
from our wide range of reliable load data books. Only Cast Lead Bullet data
should be used.
Randall B. Moyer, Owner
Retail hours and Phone answered:
Wed, Thurs, Fri  9am-5pm
Sat 10am-1pm
Phone: 814/349-5410

Moyer's Cast Bullets
230 Madisonburg Pike
Madisonburg, PA 16852
located in Centre County, central PA.
RTE. 445

Phone: 1/814/349-5410  (east coast hours)

(located in central Pennsylvania)


*MC/Visa and Discover accepted

*check or money order accepted
(make payable to Moyer's Cast Bullets)

USPS FOR FLAT RATE OF $12.30 or $16.80 and
6% PA Sales tax for PA residents,
plus insurance.

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